Hello world!

Welcome internetarian, random bot, youtubian, ANU kiddie (this is most likely) or bored 4-chan user (anime pro). Welcome to ANU Anime and Games Club. Check out what we’re screening under the screenings tab or head over to the forums to chat. Ideally come along to our screenings where we randomly feature any of the following:

  • Our regularly scheduled anime screenings
  • Friday night boardgames every fortnight
  • Computer gaming every night
  • “Ladder” or “Elimination” style tournaments (TBA)
  • Karaoke!!!
  • Fine dining at Seoul Palace, 7 India or any of the other restaurants in Civic
  • Quiet, sit down drinking at YHA Pub

If you’re not up to date with the anime we’re showing DON’T PANIC! We have all the episodes on file, so just bring along your lappy or a usb storage device and I can transfer them over (blond guy in a hipster t-shirt).