And then there were photos…

Photos the like of which even GOD hadn’t seen.

To see them now, head to ! This is subject to change when Btrain gets around to fixing it.

So I checked my camera, and I had over 400 photos of random Anime club stuff clogging it up for an impressive 2GB. I looked at it wondering “Man, whose job is it to update the website anyway?” … Oh right.

So I asked Btrain our webguy to add a new Gallery plugin for our website, and I’m currently in the process of uploading ALL THE PICTURES or at least the ones that weren’t blurry. IF YOU WANT MORE PHOTOS feel free to bug me, and bring a usb device with at least 2gb on it. Seriously, these files are huge, I have a macro camera.

So news! We’ve been having super fun! I’m no longer the Anime Librarian, my new position in the club is known as “Social coordinator” which means organising super fun events like Karaoke, and updating this blog. A big “Sank You Berry Ma-chiiiii” goes to our illustrious President and Secretary for handling bookings and money last night, without them I’d likely have killed myself from stress.

It was such a fun event that we’re planning on hosting two more throughout the next six months. In the meantime though, while all the uni kids are on holidays (No holidays for postgrads like me… sigh) we have a movie marathon in the works, so keep an eye out for that.

I was really impressed with some of the singing voices in our club! I had the girls’ rendition of “Don’t Speak” in my head for ages after. Unfortunately I missed some of you singing because my Camera ran out of charge at the worst possible time. Apparently they’ve all been uploaded in reverse order, but here’s a small preview of what will be in the new gallery plugin.