Screenings Voting

Thankyou to everyone who voted last week for our screenings choices. We’re still yet to go over the final results but it looks like there was general approval of the shows with nearly everyone enjoying several of the shows we play each night.

A periphal glance over all the sheets hows that one show may be swapped out but we’ll need to double check before making any decisions. Once the exec have sorted it out we’ll let everyone know.


Anime.Au.12 Winners and other stuff

WOOOO!! It’s taken a week longer than it should have but we can finally announce who won the competitions. If you won a competition (1st/2nd/3rd) and didn’t get your prize, please contact us at (if we haven’t contacted you already) and we’ll organise for you to get your prize.


1st Mikaeya as Franziska Von Karma
2nd Hayley as Pirate Hetalia’s England
3rd Madeline as Braig

Talent Quest:

1st Pikachu, Belfadoor and The Great Detective
2nd Laura
3rd Hayley and Alex

Art Quick Draw:

1st Jordan Harmsworth
2nd Kathryn Henderson
3rd Natalie

Art Pre Drawn:
1st Erin Walsh
2nd Madeleine

Troll Dub
1st Saffron, Smiles and Laura

After that… no idea. Apparently no-one bothered to record who the winners were. Hence we delayed announcing results until we could figure out who had won but we’ve given up trying to remember names.

Fortunately all the winners collected their prizes. So you all know who you are!

Honourable Mentions-
Cosplay- Callum as Roy Mustang
Art Comp- William

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated, congratulation to the winner and apologies that this took so long. We hope we’ll see you next year! In the meantime, don’t forget about our regular screening events twice a week. And join our facebook group and forums! (Although email us if you want to register for the forums, we’re having some tech difficulties with it at the moment)


Anime.AU.12 Wrap up

Thanks so much to everyone who came and participated yesterday- whether you were a vendor, volunteer or attendant. It seriously made the last few weeks of working like crazy worth it.

Also thank you so much to our sponsors: Madman, Mindgames, Co-op Bookshop and ANUSA. Without your support Anime.AU.12 simply wouldn’t have happened.

In a few days we’ll get around to posting online the winners of all the competitions- some of the winners weren’t around to collect their prizes so we’ll try and arrange for you to get them ASAP.

And as you probably know, we had a professional photographer running around for much of the day. We’ll hopefully get those photos in about a fortnight and we’ll make them available online. In the meantime, some people have already started a photo album on the ANUAS facebook page. Check it out and upload any photos you want to share (and start another album if the first one gets full)


Anime.AU.12! Call for volunteers and other stuff

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, the ANU Anime Society is having our annual anime/manga/gaming/comic convention Anime.AU.12 this Saturday from 9am to 5pm in the Manning Clark Centre at ANU. Details, tickets and other info can be found at the website and on the Facebook event page.

More importantly, we’re officially putting out a call for volunteers to help run the convention. Most of the heavy lifting has been done and we need people to help us fill in jobs on the day. Some of these jobs include (but are not limited to): Ticketing, Event registration desk, ANUAS Table, Food/Drink table, Door-watcher, Theatre watchers, general enquires and a few other things.

If you are available and willing to help out, please email us at and tell us your name and times when you are available to help out. Or talk to one of the ANUAS Exec members at our screenings this Wednesday or Friday. One obvious benefit of helping out is that all volunteers get free entry to the convention! Also our undying love but the free entry is probably a better reward. (And if you have already volunteered to help out, it is probably a good idea to remind us too)

In a similar vein, at the convention we will have an area set up for ANUAS and its members to sell any merchandise they would like to… well… sell. If you have any anime, manga, comics or merchandise you would like to sell, contact us at and we can get it sorted out. Don’t forget we are also having an auction at the end of the day so you may want to put some items into that.

Finally, we’ve got several competitions running on the day (Cosplay, Talent quest, Trivia, Games tournament, Troll dubbing) so we hope you’re all getting prepared for some fierce competition!

Can’t wait to see you all there (and hearing from some volunteers)