OGM and Pizza night!

Hi all,Just a reminder that this Friday (28th) is our Pizza Night and General Meeting. Free Pizza for members! Please arrive by 5:30 (or contact us if you can’t get there on time) so we know how many pizzas to order. We are also voting in new people for the following positions and nominations are open on the night:

Treasurer: MUST BE AN ANU STUDENT! Main duties include overseeing and approving the financial activities of the club, keeping the accounts in order and presenting a report at the AGM.

Games Master: Main duties include doing electronic gaming stuff during screenings nights and assisting Social Officer run Games night where necessary.

Social Officer:
Social Officer- Main duties include organizing the fortnightly games night as well as other social events such as pizza nights, marathon screening events, karaoke nights etc.

We will also be voting on changes to the club’s constitution. For a full list of changes please read the attached document. The main changes that will effect members are to incorporate gaming (video, board, etc) into the club’s objectives and changing the club’s name to The ANU Anime and Gaming Society (ANUAGS).

And a reminder that there is free pizza on the night.

ANUAS attends- Reel Anime 2012!

Hey guys, the MADMAN Reel Anime Festival is coming to Canberra and we figured that we should probably support it (you know, make it popular/successful so more organisations will want to put anime stuff on the big screen)

So we’re hopefully going to go as a big group and see the all 4 movies in the following order:

2:50pm- Children Who Chase Lost Voices
4:50pm- Wolf Children
7:10pm- From up on Poppy Hill
9:15pm- Beserk: The Egg of the King

We might even meet up before hand to grab some lunch somewhere and there should be time between movies to grab some dinner form the food court if we get hungry (~30 minutes).

Not gonna lie either, this is going to be pretty pricey. The pass for all 4 movies is $60 (comes with a free poster or something I think). But we have contacted Dendy about possible group discounts and asked ANUSA if they might be able to give us a hand. So the more people who will be able to come, the better our chances our of being able to get cheaper tickets/financial assistance!

Please join the facebook event

And invite anyone you think might be interested too (both to the facebook event and the actual event). The more the merrier!


Holiday Screenings!!

For those of you who don’t know, the next two weeks are ANU holidays and as such we’re playing some ‘special’ screenings in place of the regular screenings.

First up, this Wednesday is probably (repeat: Probably) going to be to be an 18+ night. This will be to the unnecessary and excessive 80’s era violence of the first couple shows and the possible sexual stuff of the later shows. Provided my internet stops being silly and lets me download them, which at this point is a 50/50 thing.

Secondly, we’ve unfortunately had to pull Mawaru Penguindrum from our line up. So this Friday we will be smashing through the remainder of the series in one hit and then watching a couple first eps of other shows.

The rest of the holidays are basically going to be first episodes from a heap of different shows. Basically to check them out and see if they are any good. If they are we might pick them up for use later on.

I must emphasise that there is absolutely no guarantee of the quality of any of the shows we watch over the next two weeks. I haven’t seen any of them myself (in full) and it is basically going to be a massive lucky dip.

Some point soon we’ll announce what we’re replacing Mawaru Peguindrum with. Still haven’t confirmed our final decision but it will be done soon…probably…

Oh and there may or may not be a games night this week. Or next week. I dunno. Not my job XD


Forums Problems :(

Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed the ANUAS forums have hit with a bunch of spambot-accounts over the last few weeks. We’ve had to temporarily disable forum registration until we can figure out how to stop the spambots getting in. (We tried setting it so that admins had to approve new accounts but that resulted in us all getting about 30 activation emails in a 12 hour period. So not a successful scheme)

Also we’ve deleted a heap of the accounts that were reigstered in the last few weeks as they were spam. So hopefully the random spam posts will stop happening. If we have accidentally deleted your account while cleaning up all the spambots, please email us at anuanimesociety@gmail.com and we wil get your account set up again.

Thanks everyone!