Nara Festival and 2013 Convention Meeting!

Ko ni chi wa!

We’ve got a couple big things happening in the next week and are looking for some volunteers.

First up we have the Nara Festival. The Nara Festival is an excellent Japanese cultural festival with music, dancing, martial arts, food, etc held in Lennox Gardens (south of Lake Burley-Griffin) on the 27th of October. That is this Saturday! The club has a stall again and we are asking for volunteers interested in manning the stall and, in general, hanging out with us. Cosplayer’s are strongly encouraged. It goes from 5-9pm but we will probably be there before and after that so we can set up and pack up. If you’re available to help, please talk to one of the exec members at Screenings or reply to this email
Secondly, we’re having the first meeting for next year’s convention this Sunday, starting at 1pm. It will be held In room 4.17 on the 4th floor of the Chifley Library, which is the one next to Union Court and near where we hold Screenings. Google it for more directions. Someone will hang around downstairs for a while in case people are running a bit late. If you are interested in joining the Convention Sub-Committee,  please come along. Although be aware that being on the Sub-Committee will require attending regular meetings, a lot of hard work and will exclude you from being able to participate in the activities/competitions held on the day.

Hope to see you all at Screenings and the Nara Festival!


P.S. As we approach the uni holidays, the series we are currently playing at screenings conclude. So if you know any good, unlicensed anime that you think we should play; give our Screening’s Co-Ordinator (James) some copies of a couple episodes and we’ll see if we can fit them in.

Calling for Expressions of Interest re Convention Sub-Committee

I am asking for expressions of interest from those interested in forming a Convention sub-committee to put on next year’s Convention. IF you can commit to regular meetings and hard work you will be considered. The committee will need dedicated people so please, no time-wasters.

As we are still a very small convention at this stage, and want to further develop our relationship with ANU, sub-committee members must be members of the ANU Anime and Gaming Society. Even with more effective sponsorship it will be some time before the Convention can consider being an independent entity.

The Convention Convener will take charge of all the details of the Convention and will be allocated an operating budget from the ANU Anime and Gaming Society’s funds.  The Secretary and Treasurer are compulsory members of the sub-committee, other members of the Executive are also encouraged to participate.  The Convenor will attend Executive meetings since the sub-committee is answerable to the Executive.   The President has final approval.

Any members of the current Executive will be able to stay on the sub-committee if they wish to in the event they do not maintain their positions at the next AGM, which takes place in March (as long as they are club members).

I will stand down as Convenor after the first meeting but intend to be on the sub-committee if it will have me.  Nominations for new Convenor were taken at the OGM: Brenton Fletcher and Shelz Keast  are the nominees so far.

Our challenge is to attract more people without spending more money and if we can provide better value. This means careful selection: having 10 of the same thing does not make a better Convention. Our vendors need to make money for it to be worthwhile. And I want the sub-committee to consider allowing our Convention to be unique – we don’t have to be another SMASH – we can be idiosyncratic.  The Convention just has to be fun for our participants.



Suzanne Francis

ANU Anime and Gaming Society President