Screening 25 Jan 2013

Tomorrow night starts the new year of anime screenings and of course the usual being juggled from theatre to theatre until Venue Hire can lock in our bookings. Screening is in the Copland theatre from 5pm. I have no idea what we are screening but I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and acquaintances. I will do my best to get off work early. Next week’s venue is uncertain – I was hoping we could bring a game or two but finding the right venue is difficult. Will update this issue next week.

Sue (your leader!)

And screenings start again…

Yes we do having a starting date (to be confirmed of course) but if gods and ANU are willing we will start pre-semester screenings this Friday ie 25th January at 5pm. Wednesday screenings will recommence in O-week ie 13th Feb, Watch this space as confirmations are likely to be the day before or on the day of screenings (!!!) Something random will be shown. Fri 1st Feb we will bring our games along.

Call for Volunteers



Hey everyone, ANU O-week is about a month away and we’re going to need help manning our stalls as we try and sucker in new student members. Remember- the more student members the club has, the easier it is for us to stay affiliated and get free stuff and/or money from ANU.

So we’ve got two things we need volunteers for- Market Day on the Wednesday the 13th of February goes from 9am until 5pm (with set up time beforehand and pack up time afterwards). You don’t need to come for the entire day but if you have a few spare hours we’d love some help. Especially over the 11am-3pm period when it is the busiest. Talk to our illustrious president Sue if you can help out and she’ll sort out a rough roster (We don’t want 50 people at one point of the day and 0 people at another point). Or comment on this post or send us an email or use signal flags or whatever.

On top of that we’ve been invited to participate in an International Student Booth event that is on Tuesday the 12th from 12-2:30pm. It (probably) won’t be as big or busy as Market Day but if you can lend a hand it would be much appreciated. Again, talk to Sue if you can help out.

Mark these dates in your calendars!

(Note- Bunny costumes are not provided but are welcomed. In fact if you are willing to Cosplay as something while helping out that would be awesome, it helps make us stand out. But nothing obscene or with weapons/stuff that will get confiscated by Security please)