Room change for 20/3 Wed Screenings. Maybe

Hey everyone, just a heads up that there is a 50/50 chance we’ll be in MCCT1 instead of MCCT3 tomorrow night. Some public lecture has been booked in MCCT3 and we’re booked into MCCT1. But this also happened last week but the public lecture people decided to go set up in MCCT1 instead.

In any case, be prepared for a room change. We’re in MCCT3 as usual on Friday though.

AGM Results!!

Hey everyone,

Apologies for the delay in posting the minutes from Friday’s AGM but there were some technical difficulties getting the reports presented at the meeting digitized.

Nonetheless we have got everything sorted out and you can find the minutes of the meeting attached here: ANUAGS AGM Minutes 8-3-2013

For those of you who don’t care about the meeting and just want to know the election results for the 2013 Exec, the results are:

President- James Ansell

Secretary- Paulo Jose Rigalon

Treasurer- Shelley Keast

Screenings Co-ordinator- Dominic Nelson

Games Master- Mitchell Higgins

Social Officer- James Green

Web Master- Jesse Jenkins-Friend

In addition to these Executive positions, Amy Tomoe and Paulo Jose Rigalon volunteered to assist as Co-Screenings Co-ordinators.

Thank you to everyone who attended at voted at the meeting and thank you to everyone who nominated for a position.  And congratulations to everyone who was voted onto the Executive- we’ve got a busy year ahead of us. We’d also like to thank the out going Executive members, many of whom have been on the committee for several years now and have done a stellar job, for their contributions towards keeping this club awesome and fun.

On a more personal note, I would like to thank everyone who voted me in as the new ANUAGS President. I have some big shoes to fill from my predecessor Sue but I think that with a mix of new and old faces the 2013 Exec is up to the challenge.

And don’t forget, come to Screenings!!


James Ansell

ANUAGS President


The AGM is on Friday the 8th of March in MCCT3, sometime during Screenings or the Gaming. For those who don’t know, we are bring along the club boardgames that night to play during/after Screenings to help ease the pain of an AGM XD

There will be a recap of the clubs activities on 2012, plans for 2013 and other business stuff. Most importantly the Executive will be elected for the year. You MUST be a current ANUAGS member to vote (all memberships reset in February regardless of what month you joined the club) and you MUST bring your ANUAGS membership card to to the AGM prove you are a member if necessary. If you have not rejoined the club, the sign up forms will be there on the night and at the Screenings on Wednesday 2 days before.

The current executive positions are as follows, although positions can be created/abolished as the club or Exec committee sees fit:

President- Presides over the club and the exec. Does lots of work. Essentially responsible for everything the club does or wants to do. Is a trustee for the Bank Account. Preferable if candidate has been in the club for over a year.

Secretary- Does minutes of exec meetings and AGMs/OGMs/SGMs/whatever other meetings. Maintains sign up lists. Is a Trustee for the Bank Account. Preferable is person has some level of basic literacy skills.

Treasurer- Does money stuff. Maintains bank accounts, applies for ANUSA grants, pays for stuff we buy, keeps receipts, does financial reconciliation at the end of the year. Is a bank trustee. Is preferable is person can do some basic Math/counting.

Screenings Co-ordinator- Runs the weekly Screenings on both Wednesday and Friday. Also looks after the club Anime Library Hard-drive. Must be able to be at Wed Screenings by 6pm and Friday Screenings at 5pm to start on time (or organise some to do it for them). And be there at end of Screenings to take laptop home. And during Screenings to fix things if they go wrong. Preferable if person has access to internet/torrents to download ~50GB of anime every 4-6 months. And decent time management skills will help.

Co-Screenings Co-ordinator- Assists Screenings Co-ordinator in doing their job. Amount of work various depending on how busy the Screenings Co-ordinator is e.g. if they can’t make particular Screenings you cover for them. There can be several people in this position if necessary… in fact basically everyone on the exec does this at some point XD.

Games Master- Does the electronic gaming stuff that happens during Screenings in the foyer. Preferable if candidate has computer/games/ability to play games

Web Officer- Maintains and updates the website, facebook group and forums. Also does the mailing list. Preferable if candidate has mad internet skillz.

Social Officer- Co-ordinates social activities e.g. fortnightly board games nights, karaoke nights, pizza nights and whatever other ‘social’ activities we want to do. Preferable if candidate has basic social skills and ability to transport several dozen boardgames to/from Screenings every second Friday.

Although to be honest, the Executive work as a group on most/everything the club does so there is a lot of overlap between what different people are doing regardless of their ‘official’ titles.

It must also be pointed out that their must be a majority of students on the Executive and no more than one trustee position can be held by a non student. In this case, ‘student’ means ‘member of ANUSA or PARSA i.e. ANU undergrad or postgrad student’. Which means that (in it’s current form) at least 5 of the Exec positions must be held by ANU Students including 2 out of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

So everyone, ESPECIALLY STUDENTS, should think about joining the Executive!!

This post has gone on long enough, so if you want to see how nominating and voting works for the AGM check out section 7 of our Constitution

If you have any questions, feel free to ask XD.