Attention Cosplayers!! Want to be in an awesome photo shoot?

Yes, of course you want to be in an awesome photoshoot.


This year GAMMA.CON is being sponsored by the very talented Simon Metcher Photography! (

He is donating his time and skill to us to produce some awesome promo material. But we need models! (Thats you)

Our goal is to show how fun cosplay is, and how much fun you can have hanging out with other cosplayers (such as at a convention)

You will be featured on our website and facebook page, and possibly on other promotional material.

If you are interested, please contact us at Our shoot is scheduled for Sunday the 28th April. Note that everyone will have to sign an indemnity form giving us permission to use your image and anyone under 18 will have to have their parents sign the form

Hope to hear from you guys, or see you at GAMMA.CON! 


GAMMA.CON needs you!

Call for volunteers! GAMMA.CON wants volunteers to help out on the day of the convention, the 18th of May (that’s only 1 month away!)

There are a variety of jobs we need volunteers for and no skills are necessary. We will give instructions on the day. If you’re interested send an email to with which job(s) you’d prefer and a what times you are available for.

A full event schedule should be published in the next few days here, so if you want to attend/participate in a particular event you can see when it will be on.

Volunteers for the full day will get free entry and sausage sizzle lunch.
Volunteers for half the day will get discounted entry.

The list of jobs:

Video game attendants x3- look after the consoles and make sure no one hogs the systems

Board games attendants 1 or 2- look after the board games, helps if you’re familiar with a few games and can teach new players the rules

Art table x1- time people as they participate in the Quick draw art contest

Signup table x1- assist with registering people for various events

BBQ 3-4- Help with cooking and serving

General 6- for whatever tasks need extra hands on the day and making sure every one gets breaks.

Anime club stall 3 (must be club members)- sign up new members and sell the club merchandise

Ticketing 2 (must be club members) – work in the ticketing booth


GAMMA.CON- What is it and how do I come?

GAMMA.CON is Canberra’s premiere Anime and Gaming convention, celebrating everything anime, manga, gaming and pop culture!

GAMMA.CON will be held on the 18th of May at the Australian National University. So come on down for a great day with many activities including Cosplay contest, Talent Quest, Trivia, Gaming tournaments, Art contests, Troll Dubbing, Panel discussions, Special guests and much more!

Everyone is welcome and there are lots of prizes to be won on the day!

Check out our website for details! You can also email us with any questions regarding our GAMMA.CON at

Like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter at for the latest news, updates and competitions!

And for those of you who want to get in early, you can buy tickets now from Eventbrite at All you need is a PayPal account. But you can also buy tickets on the day XD


Normal Screenings resume this week. Plus a special gaming event!

Hey peeps! Normal Screenings resume this week; same times (Wed 6-8:30pm and Fri 5-8pm) and place (MCCT3). If you don’t remember what we’re playing, check out the Screenings Schedule

Also this Friday (19/4/2013) we’re going to have our regular board-games and stuff happening. But on top of that we are also going to hook up an Xbox the the MCCT3 Projector and play Conkers Bad Fur Day: Live and Reloaded. So come along to watch the remaster gore of the greatest N64 game on the big screen!!


Holiday Screenings!!

Wooooh!!! Holiday Screenings time!!! For those of you who aren’t ANU students, ANU is currently on it’s mid semester ‘teaching break’ which means that for the next fortnight we are taking a break from our regular screenings to play a few different things. But they will still start and end at around the same time as normal

So for the next two weeks our Screenings will be:

Wednesday 3/4/13, MCCT1:
– Gunbuster (3 eps)
– Nekomonogatari (2 eps)

Friday 5/4/13, MCCT1:
– Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (6 eps)

Wednesday 10/4/13, MCCT1:
– Gunbuster (3 eps)
– Nekomonogatari (2 eps)

Friday 12/4/13, MCCT1:
– Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (6 eps)

Note that Gunbuster is 6 eps long, Nekomongatari is 4 eps long and Jinrui is 12 eps long. So we will finish all of them over the two weeks. I should also mention that Nekomongatari is a TV marathon broadcast rip, so it only has an OP for ep1 and an ED for ep4 and will end quite abruptly at the end of ep2 on the first Wednesday.

Also note that we are in MCCT1 every night for the next two weeks too.

Normal Screenings will resume on the 17th of April!!