Semester 2 Screenings!!

Hey everyone, I know you’ve all been tensely waiting for the schedule of the Semester 2 Screenings and the wait is over. Here it is:


6:00pm- Genshiken
6:25pm- Ixion Saga DT
6:50pm- Susei no Gargantia
7:15pm- Akikan
7:40pm- To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S
(And a mystery anime intermixed randomly within the schedule)


5:00pm- Robotics;Notes
5:25pm- Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
5:50pm- Kuroko no Basuke
6:15pm- Hataraka Maou-sama
6:40pm- Kotoura-san
7:25pm- Skullman

For more details, check out the Screenings page

In terms of venue we’re still sorting it out. But we can tentatively say that we should be in the Manning Clark Centre almost every night (at the moment it looks like we will have to relocate for at least 3 nights between now and Christmas). We’ll let people know as soon as we do.