Hey everyone!

You spoke and we listened (eventually). Just had to wait for those pesky exams to go away XD

This Friday (26/11/13) we’re having going Karaoke-ing in Civic. The details are on the facebook event. Please RSVP either to the fb event or by commenting on this post. It will be $5 per person for a whole 2 hours of Karaoke! That’s a great deal!

All members are welcome and non-members can join on the night!

That night we will have a reduced Screening schedule- we will play the 4 episode Pokemon Origins OVA series.

And don’t forget that our Screenings and Gaming Nights are continuing on Mondays (gaming), Wednesdays (screenings/gaming) and Fridays (screenings/gaming) through out the Summer- hope to see you all there!


New Minecraft server!!

BIG NEWS, the club Minecraft server has been updated, a fresh start with a new world and a new hosting company.

The new server IP address is ‘anuags.mcpro.co’

The old server is now offline and the world save for it will be on the club harddrive very soon.

If you would like to join the server just contact our Social Officer James at anuanimesociety@gmail.com and let him know what your username is so he can whitelist you. (If you were whitelisted on the old server you are still whitelisted on this new one)



Yoyo so Holiday Screenings start soon. And by soon I mean tomorrow.

Importantly: we been shifted into Chem T1 tomorrow night, probably MCCT2 this Friday (if not MCCT3) and definitely MCCT2 next Friday. Otherwise we are currently in MCCT3 the rest of the time up until Christmas. And then from New Year until O-week in February.

If you don’t know where Chem T1 is I’ll be chilling near MCCT3 until about 5:55pm so I can show you where it is.

At this stage we will probably be going nonstop over the Summer except during the ANU Compulsory Closure period (24/12-2/1). But this is still to be confirmed.

Sidenote- Smash Bros/Street Fighter Gaming will likewise continue to happen on Monday nights in MCCT3.

Second sidenote- we’re thinking of doing Karaoke around the end of November. Day/time to be confirmed soonish. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Anyway; we (I) have decided on 95% of the Screenings for the Holiday period based on people’s suggestions. Dom and I will nut out the precise order of things tomorrow evening. But at this point in time the series screened will be:

Fate Kaleid liner Prisma Illya
Genshiken Niidame (S3)
Railgun S
Monogatari Second Series
Senyuu 2
plus misc OVAs (Senyuu, Gargantia and Seitokai Yakuindomo)

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu S2 (+OVAs)
Kuroko no Basuke S2
Gatchaman Crowds
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012 version)
plus mystery series (coz I’ve forgotten what it is XD)
and a few specials scattered across the Summer

We’ll update our Screenings page with info once the order has been finalised. A lot of the series are direct continuations or adapted/related to shows we’ve played previously and if you want to catch up on the previous material let us know.