AGM Results

Oops, we appear to have been a bit slack in posting what happened at the AGM at the end of February. Blame ANU- they keep insisting that I have to do this ‘study’ stuff and complete these ‘assignment’ things and it all gets in the way of the fun stuff.

Anyway, we’ve attached the AGM minutes to this post.

For those who want a quick summary: the results of the elections were as follows:

President- James Ansell

Treasurer- Shelley Keast

Secretary – Tiffany Harding

Screenings Co-ordinator- James Reid

Social Officer- James Green

Games Master- Mitchell Higgins

Web/Tech Officer- Callum Ford

And a thank you also goes out to Chris Arnold who volunteered to help out as an Assistant Screenings Co-ordinator.

Other orders of business conducted included the closing of the old Service One Bank account and a Constitutional amendment that clarified that the requirement for someone to be a ANUAGS member for one year only applied to Bank Trustee positions and not the general positions.



ANUAGS AGM Minutes 28-2-2014

ANUAGS 2014 AGM Appendix