Winter Holiday fun times!

Hey everyone,

A quick reminder that holiday screenings are still going on all through the winter break. We’re in the Manning Clark Centre for the whole break although the exact theatre we are in does change a few times. But they all have AMAZING heating XD.

Also the Exec are having a Screenings meeting soon to decide on Semester 2 Screenings, if you have any suggestions make sure to let one of the Exec know.

ANUAGS is also putting on some special screenings down at the M16 Artspace in conjunction with the Japanese Embassy and the Japan Foundation. We are screening My Neighbour Totoro, Porco Rosso, Wolf Children and Spirited Away over a two week period. Check out all the details.

Lastly, Monday night console gaming is going ahead through the break too and we are also hosting a Smash Bros Tournament on Saturday the 5th of July.

Ja mata!

ANU Anime and Gaming Society


ANUAGS Mid-year Holiday Screenings

Hey, everyone. It’s a little late, but we’re now ready to officially announce the screenings for the mid-year holidays! The screenings are as follows (for more information, see our Screenings page):

6:00pm – Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! *Double*
6:50pm – Strike the Blood
7:15pm – Bartender *Double*

5:00pm – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood *Double*
5:50pm – Log Horizon *Double*
6:50pm – Mirai Nikki *Double*

As a note: the Friday holiday screenings will not be starting until NEXT WEEK. Friday this week will still be showing the semester 1 screenings, though with one change: instead of Yamato 2199, there will be a double episode of Mirai Nikki. For more information, ask the Screening Co-ordinator James Reid at one of our screenings or pester him on Facebook. Also, the location of the screenings might change, so keep your eyes peeled.

Monday gaming nights are continuing as usual, so don’t forget to come to them!

Hope to see you there! お楽しみに!

James (Screenings Co-Ordinator)