Screenings wrap up soon. And we’re having a Christmas/End of Year party!

The last screening of the year will take place on Wednesday the 19th December as the University will shut down for holidays at 5pm on Friday 21st. Instead a restaurant has been booked for that Friday to celebrate a successful year for the club.


A reservation for Hogsbreath Cafe has been made for Friday 21st December. There are limited number of seats available so please indicate if you want to be included by the end of the week. The club will NOT be subsidising meals.


If you would like to come, you can RSVP to the club’s Facebook event, email the club at or respond to this post. Or talk to Sue at Screenings. Or send a message via carrier pigeon and/or smoke signals. Or any combination of the above options.


One thought on “Screenings wrap up soon. And we’re having a Christmas/End of Year party!

  1. Hopefully my back isn’t sore and I don’t feel like falling asleep as soon as I get home from work for 12th and 19th. *rubs back and yawns* :(
    Work forced a roster change on everyone. Now I’m stuck there until 6pm on Friday T_T

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