Screenings, Holidays, Nara, Japanese Film Festival, Street Fighter AND SO MANY THINGS!

Konichiwa everyone,

There’s heaps of stuff to talk about but I’ll keep it as short as possible.

Just a reminder we’ve got a new series as part of our Friday night screenings as Robotics;Notes finished up. It is “Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?”. For details about it check out our updated Screenings page

On a related note, we’re almost at the end of our current Screening Schedule so if you have any suggestions for Holiday Screenings let the Exec know!

Also our weekly Super Smash Bros console gaming has been expanded to also include Street Fighter! That’s every Monday from 6pm in MCCT3 and it is awesome fun. And more games will be included if people want them.

Don’t forget that ANUAGS has a stall at Nara Festival this Saturday. The Nara Festival will be from 4:30pm to 9pm and details can be on the Facebook event page. If you have some spare time to volunteer or some manga/Japan related merchandise contact the Exec and we can help you sell it (hopefully).

We’ve also been given FOUR free tickets to the Japanese Film Festival, which has the new DBZ movie included in its line up. We’ll be giving away at least two of these tickets at Nara so make sure you get on down. GAMMA.CON is also giving away tickets to the Cosplay Masquerade from our stall- so Cosplayers should especially come along

The Japanese Film Festival Co-ordinator are also looking for volunteers to help with the Festival- they’re a re a bunch of cool perks including t-shirts and free tickets. if you’re interested contact Phoebe at phoebe.mcgrory(at)

PLUS there are some really cool non-ANUAGS things also happening:

– ANU Za Kabuki 2013 is on TONIGHT and tomorrow night

– ANU CSSA is having Epic Games Night 6 on tomorrow night!

– UC-REC is having a Gaming Session on Sunday from midday until midnight (approximately)

AND Otakufest is next Friday!



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