Hey everyone,

Just a quick message from us to let everyone know what’s happening over the next couple weeks.

First up Screenings are continuing all through Summer until February! The only days we won’t be Screenings are Christmas Day (Wednesday), December 27th (Friday) and New Years Day (Wednesday again). So our last Screenings will be December 20th and then we’ll resume on January 3rd. Likewise our Monday Console Gaming will only take a break on Monday 30th December but will otherwise still be going.

This is all assuming that nothing drastic comes up that stops us from being able to run of course.

Secondly the Exec will be choosing the next lot of Screenings in mid-January. I’ve gotten a few suggestions of people already but if you want to throw in your two cents then talk to any of the Exec and let them know.

Thirdly GAMMA.CON is running a Christmas competition. There is a pretty awesome Madman DVD prizepack so everyone should try to enter.

Finally thanks to everyone who came to Karaoke at the end of November- it was a successful event! In fact thanks to everyone who came to any of our activities over the year. Seeing so many people get involved and have a good time definitely makes everything worth doing.

We’re hoping to squeeze in laser tag early next year before our AGM so keep a look out for more information that. And if you like (or dislike) what the Club has (or hasn’t) done this year you should give a though to possibly joining the Exec next year to help make the club better!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Joyful Saturnalia, Seasons Greeting, Happy New Year etc etc to everyone!!



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