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Postby Eroseijin » Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:07 pm

To celebrate the NEW release Of MHP 3rd HD ver! :D

On Friday 02/09, a Monster Hunter gaming Event for all Players!
New beginner and Veteran players is ALL welcome! :)

Location : Manning Clarke Centre

Time : 17:00pm

On PSP : Monster Hunter Freedom Unite MHP 2G or
Monster Hunter 3rd (Depends on the numbers of Players!)

Look for : A Black Rathalos Armor Player! (Hope i can complete it on time.... ;) )

Feel free to Cosplay if u want!! 8-) (Armor set Only! :twisted: )

Here are some "Live Monster Hunting Actions" Check it out! just too EPIC!! :lol:

Monster Hunter Cosplay 2nd モンスターハンターコスプレ野外撮影会2nd ... re=related

Monster Hunter Cosplay 3rd モンスターハンターコスプレ野外撮影会3rd ... ature=fvwp

At 1:30 Awesome Long Sword "Katana" user! 8-) i wanna join them!!! :lol:

Many Thanks to uzaki0175 for it!

モンスターハンター全キャラコスプレ(その2) One of the BEST MH Cosplay Event! Wow..the details is amazing! 8-) ... re=related

That Pirate set is Awesome!! MUST GET!! At 0:44 Very Nice! :)
Many thanks to hikko2007 for ti!

Here some Dedicated fans , Epic Cosplay! In snow field!!!!! with that armor!?
SEVENDOLLS モンスターハンターロム2作目PV ... re=related

Many thanks to SEVENDOLLS for it!
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