ANUSA Awards, REEL Anime, UC-REC and Nara!

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ANUSA Awards, REEL Anime, UC-REC and Nara!

Postby themightybutterfree » Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:06 am

Just a reminder that nominations are (probably) still open for the ANUSA C&S Awards night. So if you know any clubs that are awesome or any events that have been awesome you should nominate them for awards

For those of you who aren't aware REEL Anime started this week! It's four awesome/interesting movies plus Evangelion 3.0. All being played at Dendy Cinema everyday for a two week period. The line up, dates and session times can be found here We probably won't do anything official as a club but if you have the time (and money) you should check them out.

On the gaming side of things, some of you may have heard that a new gaming related club has been formed at UC- the UCREC (UC Recreation and Entertainment Club) They're still in the initial stages of setting up and are looking for more interested people to join. So if you live near UC and/or are interested in getting involved you should head along to their meeting next Sunday

ANUAGS is going to have a presence at the Nara Festival on Saturday October 26th. If you'd like to help out or have same manga/anime/japan related stuff that you'd like to sell let us know.
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