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Postby Mark P » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:25 pm

Hello, SO it turns out i signed up quite a while ago but never made it onto the forums or a screening. I think it had to do with an honours thesis i was writing at the time.

So i'm now graduated (but that doesn't matter right?) And may try attend some screenings sometime if i can find the time, but do struggle a bit for that now...

Mostly watch anime with blends of action and romance (with romances quite often turning out to be underdeveloped in the story :() ...check out to see some.

Currently watching Seikon no Blacksmith and i have 07-ghost as well ready to watch...

I occasionly dabble in manga, but only generally when i'm impatient to wait for new episodes (breakblade) or non-existant (claymore).

Don't know that many people into anime really so would be good to chat to a few people at some stage :)

Mark P
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Re: Boo!

Postby Burvelle » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:03 am

Well I know how it goes finding the time to do stuff (graduated last July), I hardly post on the forum unless something is directed at me. (Witch never happens :D )

I noticed some of your anime you rated in your list is similar to mine :shock: is my list. I haven't watched anything for ages, but I'm thinking I'll have to watch Phantom or Umineko at some point soon, I'm going to lean towards Umineko since I love psychological horror anime ;) .

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