Anime.AU.12 Wrap up

Thanks so much to everyone who came and participated yesterday- whether you were a vendor, volunteer or attendant. It seriously made the last few weeks of working like crazy worth it.

Also thank you so much to our sponsors: Madman, Mindgames, Co-op Bookshop and ANUSA. Without your support Anime.AU.12 simply wouldn’t have happened.

In a few days we’ll get around to posting online the winners of all the competitions- some of the winners weren’t around to collect their prizes so we’ll try and arrange for you to get them ASAP.

And as you probably know, we had a professional photographer running around for much of the day. We’ll hopefully get those photos in about a fortnight and we’ll make them available online. In the meantime, some people have already started a photo album on the ANUAS facebook page. Check it out and upload any photos you want to share (and start another album if the first one gets full)


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