WOOOO!! It’s taken a week longer than it should have but we can finally announce who won the competitions. If you won a competition (1st/2nd/3rd) and didn’t get your prize, please contact us at anuanimesociety@gmail.com (if we haven’t contacted you already) and we’ll organise for you to get your prize.


1st Mikaeya as Franziska Von Karma
2nd Hayley as Pirate Hetalia’s England
3rd Madeline as Braig

Talent Quest:

1st Pikachu, Belfadoor and The Great Detective
2nd Laura
3rd Hayley and Alex

Art Quick Draw:

1st Jordan Harmsworth
2nd Kathryn Henderson
3rd Natalie

Art Pre Drawn:
1st Erin Walsh
2nd Madeleine

Troll Dub
1st Saffron, Smiles and Laura

After that… no idea. Apparently no-one bothered to record who the winners were. Hence we delayed announcing results until we could figure out who had won but we’ve given up trying to remember names.

Fortunately all the winners collected their prizes. So you all know who you are!

Honourable Mentions-
Cosplay- Callum as Roy Mustang
Art Comp- William

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated, congratulation to the winner and apologies that this took so long. We hope we’ll see you next year! In the meantime, don’t forget about our regular screening events twice a week. And join our facebook group and forums! (Although email us if you want to register for the forums, we’re having some tech difficulties with it at the moment)

ANOTHER UPDATE: The timetable for the convention is now up on the Schedule page!

UPDATE: Only a couple of days to go! If you’re going to participate in any of our awesome competitions, make sure to double-check the rules, as they’ve been updated redently. Highlights:

  • The entry submission deadlines for the competitions have been tweaked;
  • You CAN play any music you like as part of your skit in the Talent Qoest;
  • We have some new, general rules, for the convention as a whole.
Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Anime.AU.12 is Canberra’s very own anime and video/traditional games convention! It’s being held on 11 August 2012 at the Manning Clarke theatres at ANU.

You can purchase tickets online now, or on the day. We are selling online at http://animeau12.eventbrite.com/. On the day we will be accepting cash only, but there are ATMs nearby. See our tickets page for more information.

What’s on:

  • First episode screenings of a wide range of anime
  • Vendors so you can buy anime goodies
  • Cosplay Parade
  • Art Competition
  • Talent Quest
  • Games Tournament
  • Troll Dubbing
  • and more!

Note that during the convention, you agree to abide by the Rules, including that you may be photographed or filmed by Convention volunteers, and by attendting the convention you give us license to use that photography or film in promotional materials for the convention, future conventions, and ANUAS.