Announcements- Super Smash Bros Tournament and Holiday Screenings

Announcements! Wooo!
First up, this Monday (9th September) we’re hosting a Super Smash Bros Tournament in Moran G007 at ANU from 5pm-‘whenever people want to stop’. We’re hoping to make this a regular/weekly activity. For those of you who were at GAMMA.CON, Moran G007 was the videogames room with Kinect Dance and Halo and such. For those of you who weren’t at GAMMA.CON it is nextdoor to the MCC where we have Screenings.
Speaking of Screenings, the next two weeks are holiday screenings. We are lucky enough to be in MCCT3 as normal except for Friday September 20th where we are in the Copland Theatre.
As usual we are having special Holiday Screenings. Specifically we are screening four movies that are related to series we have played over the last couple years. And there might be a few surprise shows to fill in the gaps for the shorter movies that don’t take 2 hours.


Also the Exec will be meeting next week to plan out stuff so make sure you vote in the Facebook poll we posted earlier. And/or let them know any suggestions you have (fb poll is here btw)

Ja mata!


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