ANUAGS Semester 2

Hey everyone,

ANU Semester 2 has started and we have lined up a bunch of cool things to celebrate (or commiserate) the beginning of classes!

First up we have got special Bush Week Movie screenings care of Madman Entertainment. We will be playing Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence on Wednesday from 6pm in MCC. Then we will be screening Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood- The Sacred Star of Milos from 5pm on Friday in the MCC. For more information about these movies check out the post on our website.

Next Friday we will not be having screenings/gaming and will instead be going to Zone 3 in Belconnen to play Laser Tag!! There is a limit of 34 people playing and last semester we were at capacity so make sure to book you place quickly! Check out all the info here.

We are also hosting a videogame tourney, Canberra Colosseum 8, with the Canberra Smash Players which will have several different versions of Super Smash Bros. The date is unfortunately being changed due to venue issues but join the facebook event to get up to the date info.

Speaking of gaming, we’re excited to formally announce that we are partnering up with the ANU PC Gaming Society to run regular weekly PC Gaming every as part of our Friday meetups from 5pm-8pm in MCC. It is still going to be quite experimental but if you’re keen to take part bring along a laptop and we’ll see how we can make it work!

And just to remind everyone of what our weekly activity schedule is:

Monday- Console Gaming from 6-11pm in MCCT2
Wednesday- Anime screenings, handheld games, board games and card games across the MCC from 6-9pm
Friday- Anime screenings, handheld game, board games, card games and PC gaming in the MCC from 5-8pm.

She’s shocked by the amount of things we do

Plus we have an art kit for all you budding artists to use.

Lastly, speaking of anime screenings our schedule for Semester 2 has been formally announced. And we are super excited to announce that we are including sponsored content from both Madman Entertainment and Hanabee Entertainment this semester! You can find all the info on the Screenings page but the schedule is:

6:00- Death Note (MADMAN Sponsored)
6:30- Haikyuu!!
7:00- D-Frag!
7:30- Maria Holic
8:00- Hourou Musuko/Wandering Son


5:00- Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (MADMAN Sponsored)
5:30- Hoozuki no Reitetsu
6:00- Noragami
6:30- Hitsugi no Chaika (HANABEE Sponsored)
7:00- Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun/My Little Monster
7:30- Space Battleship Yamato 2199


So this semester is shaping up to be pretty awesome and I hope to see everyone at our events!

Ja mata!

ANU Anime and Gaming Society

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