ANUAGS Summer stuff

Hey everyone!!

We hope that everyone who had exams in the last month smashed them. As this lovely summer weather starts to defrost Canberra you’re surely starting to wonder what you’re going to do over the Summer/Holiday/Christmas period.

Well don’t worry- ANUAGS had you covered! Once again we are going to keep running our weekly events throughout the whole summer, only stopping over the compulsory ANU closure period. That being said our usual venue of the MCC is unavailable for December so we’ve had to organise alternate places to do our stuff:

Monday Console Gaming (6-11pm)- Brian Kenyon Student Space (BKSS)
Wednesday Screenings + Tabletop (6-9pm)- Chemistry Theatre 1 (Chem T1)
Friday Screenings + Tabletop (5-8pm)- Chemistry Theatre 1 (Chem T1)

(Plus we’ve got our Minecraft Server which you can spend time on whenever you like)

For those of you familiar with the ANU Campus, the BKSS is located in Union Court next to the Commonwealth Bank. Chem T1 is located in the (old) Science Precinct on University Avenue.

For those of you unfamiliar with ANU I’ve here’s┬ámap where I’ve used my mad Microsoft Paint skillz to mark the new venues along with our normal venue, the nearest bus stop and car park suggestions.

ANUAGS Summer Venues

If you want to know what we’re screening over the Summer check out the brief info here and the full details here.

In addition to this regular stuff there is also a few other upcoming events that we’d like to let you know about:

UCREC Theven UP!, the last of UCREC monthly meet ups is tomorrow (Friday November 28th). It’s all afternoon in the UC Refectory and you can find out all the info on their facebook event.

Canberra Colloseum 11, the monthly Smash Bros Gaming Tournament we host is on this Saturday in the MCC. Again it’s all afternoon and all the info can be found on the facebook event.

ZEAL, Canberra’s largest Smash Bros/Gaming Tournament is being hosted by us and held on December 13th-14th (Saturday and Sunday), pretty much all day on both days. It’s got some pretty serious prize monies and is shaping up to be an awesome event. All the info can be found on the facebook event page.

Ja mata!!

ANU Anime and Gaming Society

(P.S. If you have any suggestions for 2015 Semester 1 Screenings or boardgames we should buy for our collection shoot us an email or talk to an Exec member at our weekly activities)

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