ANUAS attends- Reel Anime 2012!

Hey guys, the MADMAN Reel Anime Festival is coming to Canberra and we figured that we should probably support it (you know, make it popular/successful so more organisations will want to put anime stuff on the big screen)

So we’re hopefully going to go as a big group and see the all 4 movies in the following order:

2:50pm- Children Who Chase Lost Voices
4:50pm- Wolf Children
7:10pm- From up on Poppy Hill
9:15pm- Beserk: The Egg of the King

We might even meet up before hand to grab some lunch somewhere and there should be time between movies to grab some dinner form the food court if we get hungry (~30 minutes).

Not gonna lie either, this is going to be pretty pricey. The pass for all 4 movies is $60 (comes with a free poster or something I think). But we have contacted Dendy about possible group discounts and asked ANUSA if they might be able to give us a hand. So the more people who will be able to come, the better our chances our of being able to get cheaper tickets/financial assistance!

Please join the facebook event

And invite anyone you think might be interested too (both to the facebook event and the actual event). The more the merrier!


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