Weekly Events to Recommence

Hey everyone,

Thanks everyone for your patience. I’m thrilled to announce that we are now
resuming events! Due to short notice we won’t be having the anime
screenings in the theatre tonight, though board gaming, video gaming and
socialising will recommence tonight and screenings from next week from
where we left off. We’ll also be holding an OGM (date TBA) to discuss some
matters that have come up, so keep your ears peeled for that.

Again, thanks again for your patience and we hope to see you around!

James Reid
ANU Anime and Gaming Society

Bush Week Events and Semester 2 Screenings

Hey everyone,

Uni’s back, which means we’ve got special Bush Week events and new screenings coming up!

On Wednesday, we’ll have a special screening of the Trigun: Badlands Rumble movie commencing at 6:00pm in Mannin Clarke Theatre 3 followed by pizza at 7:30pm, with board games and a Weiss Schwarz workshop outside the theatre the whole time.

On Friday, we’ll be hosting our now traditional laser tag night! It kicks off at 5:15pm at Zone 3 Belconnen, and costs $10 per person.

And of course, starting next week we’ll begin our second semester screenings! You can check out our schedule at our screening page (http://anuags.org.au/screenings/)

So there’s plenty to look forward to! We look forward to seeing you at our events this semester!


Screenings Co-Ordinator

Stuff is happening

Hey Guys!

In case you aren’t on our mailing list or Facebook page, Pizza Night is happening on Friday, the 24th of April.

Where, you ask? In the Manning Clark Centre foyer.

When, you ask? There will be an intermission between screenings at 7:00pm solely to worship the great Pizza God. (Screenings start at 5:00 pm)



If you can’t make that, then there’s another event for gamers and cosplayers alike to flourish and show off their beauty and grace: Battle of the Game, which is being held at Reload on the 3rd of May. (More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/641089579359279/)

It will be a heavenly event involving alcohol, cosplay, pizza, games and prizes!



See you around


Break Time

Hey guys!
For those who don’t study at ANU we have a teaching break for two weeks starting this week so the screenings schedule will be a bit different. In case you’ve fallen behind with the regular screenings, this would be a great opportunity to come along because we’re not showing the regular screenings!
The screenings during this time will be:
Wednesday 8th April:

6:00 – Anime Mirai 2014: Harmonie
6:25 – Tales of Zestiria Special
7:15 – Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo episode 1
7:40 – Hen Zemi OVA 1

Friday 10th April:
5:00 – Hamatora episodes 1-6

Wednesday 15th April:
6:00 – Anime Mirai 2014: Chronus
6:25 – Tokyo Marble Chocolate
7:15 – Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo episode 2
7:40 – Hen Zemi OVA 2

Friday 17th April:
5:00 – Hamatora episodes 7-12

Unfortunately, due to complications there has been a lack of pizza night (sorry, guys!). However, this will hopefully be sorted during the break and pizza will be the result (probably after mid-semester exam season).

Have a happy Easter, everyone!

Hey, Guys!

In case you missed the ANUAGS 2015 annual general meeting- here is a list of the new friendly neighbourhood exec team:
President – Tiffany Harding
Treasurer – James Brims
Secretary – Zoe Mielens
Screenings Co-ordinator- James Reid
Social Officer- James Blue
Games Master- Shelly Keast
Web/Tech Officer- Nick Weher
Assistant Screenings Officer- Dominic Nelson
We would also like to thank James Ansell for hanging around as president for 2013 and 2014 and web officer for 2014 Callum Ford (you’re will both always welcome to hang around with us!). If anyone would like a copy of the minutes taken, they should be  available to you below. We hope to continue engaging you with the wonderful world of anime and games. If there is anything you would like to suggest, genres, titles, events, don’t be shy (we’re friendly. Probably)! For those who haven’t been back for a while, we now have Mondays gaming on Wednesdays, but schedule-wise that’s all.
COMING SOON: Pizza Night (date: TBA)
Come along, meet and mingle with your fellow club members with the company of copious amounts of pizza!
See you around!

Welcome and 2015 AGM

Hey everyone,

It’s perhaps a bit late in the semester to be saying this, but welcome to all the new members and welcome back to all the old ones.



If you haven’t had a chance to check out our weekly screenings I suggest you do so soon (this week perhaps). We’re not far in so it’ll still be easy to catch up. And if you don’t fancy a particular show you can chill outside and play some awesome games.

Also if you weren’t aware, our AGM is this Friday (6th March), at 6pm in Manning Clark Theatre 3. We’ll be hearing from the 2014 Exec about how last year went and then electing new people to run the club for 2015. So if you want to have a legit reason to ignore assessment and help run an award winning student society, you should consider running.

The agenda for the AGM and some information on the Exec positions are attached to this post. I think. With any luck we’ll be able to smash it out in 30 minutes (or less!) and get straight back into watching anime and playing games.


ANU Anime and Gaming Society


ANUAGS Exec Position Descriptions

ANUAGS O-Week, Sem 1 Screenings and AGM

Hey everyone!

University semester is about to start which means that is it business time for ANUAGS!

O Week!

Wednesday Screenings: This year we’re having special O-week screenings supported by Madman and Hanabee! They will start at 6pm on Wednesday the 11th of Feb and be in the Manning Clark Centre. First up is the Eva 1.11 movie followed by Fate/stay night:Unlimited Bladeworks Episode 0. Gaming will also be happening at the same time.

Friday Laser Tag: Once again we’ll be doing O-week Laser Tag. It will be on Friday the 13th of February at Zone 3. It will start at 6:15pm but a bunch of people will meet up earlier at 5pm in the Belconnen Westfield food court. It will be $10 per person for three games. Places are limited so it is first-come-first-served, with priority going to a) ANUAGS members and b) people who pre-pay for a spot at a screenings meet beforehand

Semester 1 Screenings

Semester 1 Screenings will start the week after O-week, i.e Wednesday the 18th and Friday the 20th. Check out the links for the schedule or go to the screenings page on our website for all the details about the shows.

Thanks to Madman, Hanabee and Siren Visual for supporting our screenings by providing us with some awesome shows!

2015 Memberships and AGM

As the new uni year starts, it’s time to renew your membership. It costs $10 for the year (about 5c per activity/night XD) and can be paid at any of our screening nights.

Also we’ll be holding our AGM on Friday the 6th of March. There will be a break in the Friday screenings at 6pm so we can hold it in the lecture theatre. It’s a good chance for members to have their say on what the Society is doing right and what it is doing wrong. In addition we’ve got to elect an Executive Committee for 2015 several of the current Executive members will be moving on to other things. So if you think you’d like to have a shot at running ANU’s best student club (we even have an award to prove that!) you should consider running for a position. A list of current positions and their tasks can be found here

Hope to see you all around!

ANU Anime and Gaming Society

2015 Memberships and AGM!

Hey everybody- just a quick one to let you all know that we’ll start taking 2015 memberships this week. It will remain at $10 for the year (~5c per night XD).

So bring your monies along, sign up for another year and get a shiny new membership card.

We’ll also announce O-week stuff shortly. We’re waiting on external factors out of our control at the moment :(

Also the AGM is coming up soon (specifically Friday March 6th at 6pm) so people should think about nominating for positions. I’ve attached an info sheet that gives an idea about the different positions and their roles.

ANUAGS Exec Positions (<- click on that to get the document)

And we’re back!!

Hey everyone- just a quick post letting you all know that this week we’re resuming our weekly activities. Room bookings are still a bit up in the air but currently it is:

Monday: Console Gaming, 6pm-late in the Student Space

Wednesday: Anime Screenings and Boardgames, 6pm-9pm in MCCT1

Friday: Anime Screenings and Boardgames, 5pm-8:30pm in MCCT1

Hope you all had a great Christmas/New Year/Hanukkah/Festivus/Holiday



(And if you’ve forgotten what we’re screening, check out the details here)