If you want to contact the ANU Anime and Gaming Society, you can email us at, contact us on our Facebook page or just join the forums.

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  1. I am interested in starting a mange/anime group through my library for young adults (mainly high school students) I was interested in how you get permission to show your films. I was hoping to have a screening of the Death Note film but didnt really know who to contact to get permission.
    Thanks for your help…Michaela

    • Hey Michaela, we sent you an email with some information and suggestions. Hope you are successful, the more anime clubs the better!


  2. You might want to unlock the facebook page so you aren’t forcing people to make facebook accounts in order to see *anything* on the club’s page.

    • Unfortunately that isn’t possible. The ANUAGS club has a facebook group, not a facebook page. And groups unfortunately cannot be viewed by people without facebook accounts.


  3. Hey, I am coming through Canberra for a couple of days and wanted to know if you could tell if there was any good shops that I could purchase Anime from. Eg DVD’s, Books, Figurines etc.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hmm there are ‘Impact Comics’ in Civic and ‘Dees Comics’ in Belconnen… I can’t think of any other’s off the top of my head but there probably are some.


  4. I just came across this website and found Madoka Magica is gonna be screened at Dendy! Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Actully I didn’t know about it!
    I really appreciate your notice about it. Thanks mate!

  5. Hey, I’ve seen the posters around campus and found the FB page- looks like a cool society! Just wanted to know how to go about joining? Do I just rock up to a screening and find someone to talk to? Thanks. :)

    • Yep just rock up to any of our Wednesday or Friday meet ups! First time is free so you can ‘try before you buy’.

  6. I see you have some sponsored screenings just wondering how does that relationship work? Also how do you get all your anime?

    • We select some anime from the catalogues of Australian distributors and screen them as part of the screenings, putting in promotional plug for the distributor before the episode plays on the night and promoting them through our networks.

  7. Hi I haven’t really been to anu before and I was wondering what building do you use for monday and Wednesday and Friday cause if I get the chance I like to come one night

  8. Can we screen Sword Art Online? Members will love it when they watch it, and I am sure the club people already knew about it

    • Thanks for the suggestion! The current screenings for Semester 1 have already been locked in and it is unlikely they’ll be changed until Semester 2- but when that time comes we do ask around for suggestions from people.

      That being said we test screened SAO a few years back to get feedback and it was near universally rejected by people. We also played LoG Horizon last year which was a similar (and some would say better) show.

  9. Could you please let me know what the minimum age limit is for this club. My kids are teenagers and are looking for a club like this in the Canberra area. If you don’t think it is suitable for under 18’s do you have any other suggestions or would you consider special screenings for “potential future ANU” students in the ACT college age bracket.

    • Hey Kate,
      There’s no age bracket or required affiliations, and we already have several members who are still in school so under 18’s are welcome!
      Keep in mind that some of the anime we play are rated M or MA (by Australia’s rating system) which may not be suitable for younger audiences (for more information, see our Screenings page), though most of what we play should be fine for high schoolers so if they’re interested, by all means bring them along to one of our screenings!

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