What is the ANU Anime and Gaming Society?

The ANU Anime and Gaming Society is a group of (mostly) ANU students brought together by their love of Japanese animation (or anime – pronounced aa-knee-may for those unsure) in its pure or undubbed form and gaming. For a small yearly contribution, members of the society are treated to screenings of the latest fansubbed anime twice a week (on the big screen!) plus epic gaming three time a week (also on the big screen!).

What is the history of the Society?

One hundred and forty years ago, near the end of the Edo dynasty, the samurai known as the Hitokiri Battousai went to Kyoto. The Battousai turned the tide for the people of Japan, leading them into the new Meiji era. But, near the end of the conflict, he vanished… No one saw or heard from him again. The Hitokiri Battousai became a legend to the people of Japan. It was around that time that Matt Burke and Sam Wilson set up a table at market day and started selling memberships to “The ANU Otaku Council: The Asian Film Society”. After the first year of running (1998), it was clear that the majority of members were most interested in anime, so the focus shifted, but the name stayed the same. In 2000 the society was re-registered as the ANU Anime Society and later renamed the ANU Anime and Gaming Society in 2012.

How do I join?

Come along to any screening, put your name down and pay the membership fee. It’s that easy! You’ll even get a snazzy card, which entitles you to… walk into any one of our screenings.

How much is the membership fee?

Annual Membership currently costs $10 and goes from February-February. If you join sometime after July/August than you get a half-year membership that costs $5 and lasts until February.

The first couple times you come along are free though- so if you’re not sure if you want to join you can ‘try before you buy’.

Do I have to be an ANU student to join?

Nope. Like most ANUSA (Student Association) affiliated clubs, we need a certain number of members to be students, but we easily have enough every year, so this is not a concern.

What gaming to you do?

Heaps! It is basically BYO whatever gaming stuff you want every Wednesday and Friday. While Screenings are happening on those night, outside the theatre a bunch of people will all play various games on their PCs, PSPs, 3DSs etc. The club also has a collection of Board Games that people can play and every now and then we may run more formal game competitions.

Every Monday night we also host Console Gaming, currently in MCCT3, from 6pm-11pm (possibly longer during holiday periods). This includes Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fight, Super Smash Bros Melee and Project M. Other console based games can be included if there is demand and equipment for it. General rule is that some gear (controllers etc) will be available to be used but if you can bring your own controllers/TVs/consoles/games then that is awesome! Having a dozen different TVs with a variety of games set up in MCCT3 is a sight to behold!

Can we show [your_ favourite_show]?

Everyone has their own favourite show(s), but unfortunately we can’t show them all in the limited time each week. If you want something shown at the weekly screenings, you can try lobbying people in the executive when a series is about to end (new shows are normally decided at least 4 weeks in advance). If you want to show a one-off show such as a Movie or OVA, then you can try to get it shown at a holiday screening. If you want to show some people how great a certain show is, you can show something after the regular screening if you can convince people to stick around. Our Screenings Co-ordinator is also on the lookout for good shows to screen during mid-term breaks, Christmas New Year period and whenever else we have empty slots. So talk to them about the possibility of screening your show. But be warned, we do not show any anime that have been licensed in Australia- so if you’ve seen something on TV, at the movies or on sale at a shop/online then we almost certainly won’t be allowed to screen it.

What the hell is [show] about?

One of the best ways of finding out what a given series is about is searching for it on any of Google, Wikipedia, Animenewsnetwork, AnimeNFO or on our screenings page. If you still don’t get a straight answer on your point of befuddlement, ask one of the Executive at any of our screenings.

I’ve heard about an ‘Executive’. What’s that?

The Executive are the elected members of the Anime and Gaming Society who do the work of running the club. The current Executive members are:

  • President- James Ansell
  • Secretary- Paulo Jose Rigolan
  • Treasurer- Shelley Keast
  • Screenings Coordinator- Dominic Nelson
  • Social Officer- James Green
  • Web – Jesse Jenkins-Friend
  • Games Master- Mitchell Higgins

Is the ANU Anime and Gaming Society regulated?

Yes. As an ANUSA-affiliated club, we operate under our own constitution.

10 thoughts on “FAQ

    • Hey Norma,

      There is no minimum age for people to join the club. Anime is for everyone!

      The only possible issues would be the screening times which can run late (although you don’t need to go to the whole thing) and the content of the screenings as some things (particularly Wednesday night screenings) are not appropriate for younger viewers. Check out our current schedule at http://anuas.org/screenings/ for details

      Hope that helps!


    • Ok I think I fixed it. The register icon should be displayed next to the login icon when you go to the forums.

      Alternatively, what was your name on the forums? I can reset the password for that account and let you reaccess it.


  1. My friends and I would like to go to GAMMA.con but we are not sure what we need to do to go. Do we need to join and can we turn up on the day and join then, or do we need to do that before the day? And are there any other things we need to do (not sure about the others,
    but I would love to become a member!) :)

    • Hi Tara!

      You don’t need to be an ANUAGS member to come to Gamma.Con. But ANUAGS members do get a discounted price on their tickets. And you can join up to ANUAGS on the day if you aren’t a member (or you can join up earlier if you want).

      Online tickets will hopefully go on sale in a few days on Eventbrite (pending paperwork from the bank) and you’ll be able to buy tickets there. Or you’ll be able to buy tickets on the day at the entrance.

      Hope that answers your questions!


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