Friday night games

So last friday was our second Anime games night. It was super fun and I remembered my camera for maximum points! Unfortunately our lovely secretary Shelly misunderstood what I meant when I said, “Make sure you take lots of pictures” and all I have to show for the first half of the night is this:

One of our popular club members, also I hear a mean DM. I think he brought along his own ¬†version of Wrath of Ashardalon for everyone to enjoy which I imagine was very well received. We also of course had Tanto Cuore, Munchkin, Pokemon monopoly, James’ poker set and Uno.

Had to take this just now in Sue’s kitchen so you all know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, meanwhile, in order to synch up screenings, James had us watch an assortment of randong things, including the legendarily bad dub ¬†of Garzey’s Wing

“I just wish I could have attended my highschool reunion…”

and Zombie Desu ka’s OVA

I have no idea if this picture is relevant.

So after screenings was over, and everyone had had their chicken Gourmet orders filled by the lovely lunch lady we all settled in for a nice long game of pictionary. Pictures aweigh!

After Pictionary, a few of us just couldn’t get enough of Tanto Cuore at Sue’s place, and ended up there well into the night!

(Maybe it was just me and Brenton… no homo)

We’re having the exec meeting tonight! I’ll update soon with photos!!


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