At the ANUAGS we have a tonne of gaming for all to enjoy including:

Wednesday Night Console Gaming

Run every Wednesday night from 6pm until late we run Console Gaming in the MCC Foyer with the local group Canberra Smash Players and occasionally Stick Addiction. It is semi-BYO consoles, equipment, games etc- the more people who bring stuff (and share it) the more games we can play with more people. There are also regular tournaments with prizes donated by iPlay Belconnen!

Board Gaming

Run in conjunction with Screenings on most Wednesday and Friday nights, especially Fridays, we have a collection of boardgames that everyone can use. And you can bring along your own. You can find the complete list of our boardgame collection here

Nintendo 3DS/PSP/Computer Gaming

Run in conjunction with Screenings on most Wednesday and Friday nights too. Bring along your 3DS/PSP/Computer/whatever and play co-op and versus games with other people who have also brought theirs along.

On Fridays we team up with the ANU PC Gaming Society to run PC games including LoL, Dota 2 and CS:GO

Weekend Tournaments

We also host the regular Smash Bros weekend tourneys Canberra Colloseum and ACT Arena with our buddies over at Vitality Events. Check out Vitality’s page for upcoming dates and more info!

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