GAMMA.CON needs you!

Call for volunteers! GAMMA.CON wants volunteers to help out on the day of the convention, the 18th of May (that’s only 1 month away!)

There are a variety of jobs we need volunteers for and no skills are necessary. We will give instructions on the day. If you’re interested send an email to with which job(s) you’d prefer and a what times you are available for.

A full event schedule should be published in the next few days here, so if you want to attend/participate in a particular event you can see when it will be on.

Volunteers for the full day will get free entry and sausage sizzle lunch.
Volunteers for half the day will get discounted entry.

The list of jobs:

Video game attendants x3- look after the consoles and make sure no one hogs the systems

Board games attendants 1 or 2- look after the board games, helps if you’re familiar with a few games and can teach new players the rules

Art table x1- time people as they participate in the Quick draw art contest

Signup table x1- assist with registering people for various events

BBQ 3-4- Help with cooking and serving

General 6- for whatever tasks need extra hands on the day and making sure every one gets breaks.

Anime club stall 3 (must be club members)- sign up new members and sell the club merchandise

Ticketing 2 (must be club members) – work in the ticketing booth


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