Holiday Screenings Announcement!! (and some general stuff)

UPDATE: Screenings for June 26th and June 28th have also been moved to Chem T1 and Copland Theatre. See below for directions.

Holiday Screenings have been finalised and you can check them out on the Screenings page. The astute of you will notice that we’re playing sequels and spin-offs of shows that we have played in the last 18 months. Plus finishing we’re finishing off Psychopass and Kokoro Connect as they have an awkward number of episodes to go.

However this schedule will start next week on the 12th of June. This Friday will be concluding Semester 1 Screenings and this Wednesday will be some special pre-Holiday Screenings: the 2004 Kujibiki Unbalance OVA series and then a double ep of Psycho Pass.

In terms of venues, we’re still in MCCT3 (the usual place) every night. Except for 3rd and 5th of July. On the 3rd we’re in Chem T1- it’s in the Chemistry building which is on Uni Avenue (the main walkway avenue at ANU) ~500 metres west of the MCC. On the 5th we’re in the Copland Theatre, which is a 30m walk from the MCC and everyone walks past it on the way to dinner/buses after Screenings. If you need more directions I suggest you consult Google maps, the ANU map or an ANU student at Screenings between now and then XD.

In other news, the forums have been fixed and are open for registration, also¬†Facebook is still going strong and we’ve resurrected our Twitter so follow that for semi-regular updates (mainly my reactions to things happening in the Screenings but we’ll eventually think of a better use for it XD).

Finally, GAMMA.CON was a great success but showed a lot of potential for growth and improvement. The GAMMA.CON Committee will be putting out a call for people to join to help start planning GAMMA.CON 2014 soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Probably their Facebook page is the best place to look.


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