Holiday Screenings!!

For those of you who don’t know, the next two weeks are ANU holidays and as such we’re playing some ‘special’ screenings in place of the regular screenings.

First up, this Wednesday is probably (repeat: Probably) going to be to be an 18+ night. This will be to the unnecessary and excessive 80’s era violence of the first couple shows and the possible sexual stuff of the later shows. Provided my internet stops being silly and lets me download them, which at this point is a 50/50 thing.

Secondly, we’ve unfortunately had to pull Mawaru Penguindrum from our line up. So this Friday we will be smashing through the remainder of the series in one hit and then watching a couple first eps of other shows.

The rest of the holidays are basically going to be first episodes from a heap of different shows. Basically to check them out and see if they are any good. If they are we might pick them up for use later on.

I must emphasise that there is absolutely no guarantee of the quality of any of the shows we watch over the next two weeks. I haven’t seen any of them myself (in full) and it is basically going to be a massive lucky dip.

Some point soon we’ll announce what we’re replacing Mawaru Peguindrum with. Still haven’t confirmed our final decision but it will be done soon…probably…

Oh and there may or may not be a games night this week. Or next week. I dunno. Not my job XD


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