LAN Party has been confirmed for a 5pm start at Sky Internet cafe. People are advised to meet just before 5pm at Merry Go Round (as marked on map) on City Walk (you can’t miss the the round thing with wooden horses). If you are late make your way to the venue. Everyone participating will need to right down their name. Cost is $4 per hour and their is a variety of games on offer or you can just use the internet and hang out , or you can try your hand at Korean billiards.

For those who decide to not play games or hang out with the gamers organise yourselves into a group and you can decide if we want to do karaoke or go out for a meal as a group. Food Court near the Dendy cinema is cheap and offers scope for putting tables together but there are other options, like Sizzlle Bento.

Unfortunately my working usually finishes at 6, but I will do my best to get there around 5:45 so I will need Exec members to keep me informed as to where people are.

Sue Francis


Lan Party

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