News, events and GAMMA.CON!

Hey everyone,

First a few bits of administration. Next Wednesday (21/5) we will have our screenings in MCCT6 instead of MCCT3. Also the MCC Foyer has been booked out for another event so we may not have space for boardgames.

Next- Holiday screenings are coming up. If you have any suggestions tell them to our Screenings Co-ordinator.

Also a few other groups are running a few cool events over the next few weeks. The newly reformed ANU PC Gaming Club is running a LoL tournament the the Computer Science Students Association is running Epic Games Night 7 on May the 23rd.

And of course GAMMA.CON is in one week’s time. So far they have announced:

– guest appearances of Cam from Hanabee, Jeremy ‘Junglist’ Ray and the 501st Legion

– screening showcases from Siren Visual, Hanabee, Madman and LCA

– next gen PS4 and XBOX One console gaming from PAX Australia

– games arcade from iPlay Belconnen including DDR!

– live events including a Costume Comp, Talent Quest, Auction, Magic Show, LARP demonstration and Kabuki performance.

– a slew of local game developers showing off their games including one with an Oculus Rift

– panel schedule including an anime panel featuring Hanabee staff, a game journalism panel featuring Junglist, a costuming panel with the Australian Costume Guild, a game development panel lead by the Academy of Interactive entertainment, a Lights Canberra Action film making panel

– part of the global MTG: Journey into Nyx Games Day

– art competitions

And there is much more to come! To find out the details for all this stuff check out their website- there are too many things for me to give you links to them all! Tickets can still be bought online for $16 or at the door for $20 (cash only).

Plus you can (and should) still preregister for the costume comp, the art comp, the talent quest and register lots for the auction

Ja mata!




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