PIZZA and AGM (not together though)


Now that I’ve your attention; come one, come all! This Friday (1st of March) will be our very first Pizza night of the  year. Pizza is free for all members. Drinks will be $2 to help cover costs. And for non members it’s $5 for pizza. Old members, it will be an excellent time for you guys to rejoin. Also we will be doing a head count at around 6pm, so be there by 6pm (or tell us that you’re coming) so that we order some pizza for you. And just in case you missed the message, it’s FREE PIZZA (for members)!

On a more serious note, next Friday (8th of March) will be our AGM. It will take place during Screenings and the current Exec will report to the society how things went for the club in 2012. Then there will be elections for the 2013 Executive Positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Screenings Co-ordinator, Social Officer, Games Master, Web Officer and Co-Screenings Co-ordinator. And whatever other business-y things that have to be done at the AGM.
So if you think that ANUAGS is pretty awesome and you want to see it keep being awesome, you should consider joining the Executive. Alternatively, if you think the club is in a horrible downwards spiral and needs to be saved, you should consider joining the Exec. If you want more info about the various roles ask the current Exec in those positions what they do (we will send out some short blurbs for the positions closer to the dates too). It also needs to be pointed out that as part of ANUSA affiliation requirements, at least 2/3 of the Trustee positions (Pres, Secretary, Treasurer) need to be held by ANU students and a majority of the entire Exec need to be ANU students as well. So ANU students are especially encouraged to run for positions.


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