Spring Break!! Cool things are happening!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to remind everyone that we will still be meeting over the break with Monday Gaming, Wednesday Screenigns+Gaming and Friday Screenings+Gaming. Screenings will have a few special things rather than the normal schedule but you’l have to come along to find out what exactly.

In other news there are a few cool things happening around:

Firstly Za Kabuki is doing their annual performance this weekend on both Saturday (7pm) and Sunday (3pm) at the Papermoon Theatre in Union Court. A general ticket is $15 but there are a variety of cheaper options too. You can find the performance details on the facebook event or buy tickets directly from Eventbrite

Secondly there is a special Japanese language beginner holiday course being offered during the second week of the break. It is from the 16th (Tuesday) to the 19th (Friday) and is held from 9:30am-12:30pm everyday. You need to have no knowledge of Japanese or not have studied it for more than 3 months. I have been assured that random phrases picked up from excessive anime watching or playing JRPGs do not count towards studying Japanese and won’t exclude you from participating. Contact Naomi at naomi.ogi@anu.edu.au for more info.

Finally, our buddies at GAMMA.CON are recruiting people to join the committee to help plan next year’s convention. If you think you’d be interested check out the info on their facebook page and/or share it to anyone you think might be keen.

Ja mata!

ANU Anime and Gaming Society

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