Teaching Break Screening Schedule

Hey everyone,

It’s a little late due to exams, assignments, and generally procrastinating, but it’s time to announce our schedule for the teaching break! We will be continuing to meet over the teaching/Easter holiday break, though we’ll be taking a break from most of our normal Screenings except Full Metal Alchemist and instead playing a whole series, as well as a couple of OVAs and a movie. The precise schedule is as follows:

Wednesday September 10:
6:00pm – Blood Lad (episodes 1-5)

Friday September 12:
5:00pm – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
5:30pm – Hanamonogatari

Wednesday September 17:
6:00pm – Blood Lad (episodes 6-10)

Friday September 19:
5:00pm – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
5:30pm – Mirai Nikki OVA (Future Diary OVA)
6:00pm – Steins;Gate Movie

Plus, the Monday night video games, as well as the Wednesday and Friday Night board games, are continuing as normal.

We hope to see you there! おたのしみに!

Screenings Co-ordinator

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