The Final Countdown- AGM tonight!!

Just a quick one to remind everyone that the ANUAGS AGM is tonight. I’ve attached the Agenda (which is more fleshed out now), the Exec nomination form and the ANUAGS Constitution.

It will start at ~6pm, in MCCT3 during Friday Screenings. Be there, run for positions, vote. democracy, etc

Also- Good news!! Our membership cards have finally arrived!! We’ll be distributing them at Screenings before the AGM starts.

Finally, our page on the new ANUSA Club and Society OrgSync register has been published. I honestly have no idea if having members on the system (which appears to be like a private ANU facebook) makes a difference but it wouldn’t hurt. So if you are an ANU student (as I said: private ANU facebook) you should register yourself and join ANUAGS.

Oh and one more thing- for those of you who didn’t know already, the Society has recently come into possession of a whole heap of anime posters and we’re selling them off on Friday nights for quite cheap prices. So come and check them out and you could find a bargain.

Definitely my last post before the AGM. I promise.


ANUAGS-AGM-Agenda-28-2-2014 v2

ANU Anime and Gaming Society Exec nomination form

ANUAGS Constitution


A Motion for a Constitutional amendment has just been tabled by Full Member James Reid. The Agenda will be updated accordingly.

Motion- That Section 6E of the Constitution be amended with the words “to the above-listed key positions” replaced with “to a trustee position”


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