Welcome to ANUAGS 2013

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the ANU Anime and Gaming Society for 2013! We’d like to take this opportunity to extend a special welcome to all the new members who joined up yesterday at Market Day and to send a not-so-subtle reminder to old members that 2013 membership fees are due (unless you already have rejoined, in which case good job XD).

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this, this post was originally sent out on the mailing list. If you haven’t received it then you aren’t on the mailing list, so you should email the club at anuanimesociety@gmail.com to get put onto the mailing list. While you’re at it you could also join the facebook group.

Now, onto business:


“Hello to new and existing members of the ANU Anime and Gaming Society. 

Last year we won Best Club (under 100 members) of 2012. I believe we won this title because of our dedication to



diverse screenings all year, and not just during ANU teaching sessions. I want to believe we won this title because our members have fun, and have a ‘third space’ where they feel accepted and can be themselves. 

I have been on the Executive for 4 years, this last year as President.  There have been many changes but the one thing that has noticeable changed is that the club has become more welcoming, more inclusive of diversity in gender and ability, students and non-students, young and old.

I want this club to retain the Best (small) Club title in 2013.  It is not just the role of the EXEC members to create this but also needs you, our members, to participate with the activities and with each other. So new members and old alike, let’s make the effort to get to know each other, to make friends and to make this club a really fun place to go.

On behalf of the Executive – Brenton, Yoshi, Shelley, Dominic, Andrew, James and Cameron, I again say WELCOME.


Sue Francis, ANUAGS President”


This evening from 5:30pm we are screening the Clannad Movie in the Copland Theatre. There will be a it of an informal meet and greet from 5pm and a lucky door prize for members who come. It will be awesome. You should all go. And bring all your friends.


Starting on the 20th of Feb, our Semester 1 Screenings will begin. Full details for both the Wednesday and Friday screenings including programs, times and locations can be found on our website here. Again, they will be awesome and you should come with all your friends.

4) AGM

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up soon and all positions are open for nominations. So if you like what the club is doing and think it should do more of it (or if you think the club is doing horrible things and needs to do something different), you should consider standing for a position. They are:

Screenings Co-ordinator
Co-Screenings Co-ordinator(s)
Web Officer
Social Officer
Games Master
…And whatever other position(s) the Club or Executive believe is needed to help run the Club successfully. 


More information about the Executive and the individual positions will be released as we get closer to the AGM


Aside from regular Screenings, we have a couple events coming up. The first is a LAN Party we will be holding in Civic on Friday the 22nd of Feb in lieu of Screenings. We are also planning to hold a pizza night in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to Facebook or our website to get more information closer to the events.

6) GAMMA.con

Canberra’s biggest (and only) Anime, Manga and gaming convention has been re-branded and relaunched, with the date of Saturday the 18th of May. So keep that day free! Make sure you like the Gamma.con Facebook page to keep up-to-date information about what is happening. A full website is currently under construction.

Once again, welcome to the ANU Anime and Gaming Society. We’ve got a heap of plans for the year and hope that you have a lot of fun in the club. We look forward to seeing you all at our various events over the next few weeks.

Ja mata!


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